Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from a wood floor inspection report?
An NWFA inspection report will include interview and physical evidence, backed up by applicable standards and guidelines leading to a fact based conclusion. There is to be no opinion and no bias involved. If the evidence does not support a conclusion there may not be one. An inspection report is a written document that may be used to help the parties involved understand who is responsible for the wood floor issue.

Who do you work for?
Anyone involved with a wood floor. End users, flooring retailers, manufacturers, installers, insurance companies, all can benefit from an independent inspection report.

Why use an NWFA inspector?
The National Wood floor association sets the industry guidelines for the installation and finishing of wood floors. NWFA inspectors undergo a rigorous training, testing and peer review process to become certified and must maintain these standards through annual reviews. The NWFA offers a complaint process to ensure all inspectors are performing up to the standards.

NWFA Certified

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