About Reuben Mitchell

Reuben Mitchell has operated a successful wood floor contracting business for 14 years providing sales installation and sanding and finishing services in the greater Victoria and South Vancouver Island areas.

He has always been hands on and has extensive personal experience with all aspects of wood flooring installation and finishing.

Through the years Reuben has been trained and certified by Mirage wood floors, Bruce, Hartco Robbins, Pergo and others. To further his expertise he became involved with the National Wood Floor Association (NWFA) and has completed their technical education and examinations to achieve NWFA certification in Installation, Sanding and Finishing, and Wood Floor Inspection.

Reuben is pleased to offer his wood flooring expertise to assist clients in planning their project or gaining some understanding of their wood flooring situation. His years of wood floor experience and training combined with an aviation inspection background give him unique skills that transfer well to wood floor inspection.

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